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Coordinator: Carol Ann Gerrard


Guidelines Referal Form

Safeguarding and Child protection policy

Welcome leaflet

Diversity Policy

Complaints Procedure

Data Protection Policy

Domestic Abuse and Conflict Management Policy

Volunteer Policy

Policy on DBS Disclosure Information

Whistleblowing Policy

Equal Opportunities Policy

Health and Safety Policy

We currently offer Supported Contact only.



SFCC charges a non refundable fee of £60 per referral,

which will include 4 sessions.

Further 4 sessions will be subject to an additional £20 charge    

Contact sessions will be booked after the registration fee is paid


All correspondence to be posted to the

Centre Coordinator:


Additional Information

Only those nominated on the referral form will be allowed admittance to the Contact Centre.


We do not accept those convicted of “Risk to children” offences, and reserve the right to exclude anyone where there is a history of allegations of domestic abuse.


The Centre cannot accommodate “supervised contact” in the legal sense of the term.


We are described as a ‘Supported Centre’.


Please inform the Centre Co-Ordinator, if your client returns to Court and arrangements are changed.


The building used for the Centre has a non-smoking, non-drinking, no drugs policy and therefore, we must reserve the right to refuse admittance to clients who do not follow the rules. The use of the Centre may be refused to anyone who disturbs other families present.


Everybody will be treated with friendly, impartial courtesy.

Following a booking, please notify the Centre Co-Ordinator, should you not wish to pursue contact or if it is to cease. It is difficult to maintain the good will of volunteers, if only half the expected number of families arrive, space and weekends are precious.


Thank you for your co-operation.


Please remember, the Swindon Family Contact Centre is run by trained volunteers.

Confidentiality Policy

Policy on the  Recruitment of Ex-Offenders Revd

We operate on self-referral system now. Please contact us directly for more information.

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